The Southern Rockies Conservation Alliance is a coalition of non-profit organizations working to conserve, restore, steward, and connect communities to public lands in Colorado and the Southern Rockies. As a coalition, we celebrate and protect a diversity of lands and people.

We envision a future Colorado with protected and resilient lands, clean air and water, abundant wildlife, and healthy ecosystems where everyone shares equitably in the benefits of our lands and environment.

Our shared priorities include:

  • Lasting protections for public lands
  • Healthy ecosystems that are resilient to climate change and sustain biodiversity and human communities
  • Equitable access to public lands and healthy environments
  • A protected areas network that is representative of all ecological systems
  • Thriving wildlife populations and connected, intact habitats
  • Sustainable recreation systems that are designed and managed to minimally impact wildlife and other public lands resources and users

As a coalition, we are committed to:

  • Inclusive conversations about public lands conservation and management
  • Honoring Tribal sovereignty and supporting preservation of cultural landscapes
  • Supporting locally led conservation efforts toward our shared priorities
  • Respecting all people and traditions that have stewarded Colorado‚Äôs lands, waters and wildlife in the past and into the future

Header image: Pikes Peak, courtesy of Gaylon Yancy, CC BY 2.0.